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Universal Client:Overview

Mobile Access

The Universal Client provides access to applications or Windows desktops from your iPad, iPhone or Android tablet or Smartphone, whether you are in the Office, at Home or Mobile. Universal Client connects to TSE, Pano VDI and OneGate solutions offering the ability to use business applications such as Microsoft Office running from Remote Desktop Services or Virtual Desktops hosted from virtualization vendors such as Microsoft and VMware.

Features include:

  • Native RDP connections to any available server or PC directly or remotely via OneGate.
  • Access to hosted applications and desktops running on TSE (Remote Desktop Services).
  • Full virtual desktop access via Pano VDI solution.
  • OneGate secure access gateway providing simple, secure SSL based remote access to applications and desktops hosted centrally.
  • Connection Profiles allowing configuration of TSE/VDI/OneGate and Native RDP connections to be saved for future use and launched automatically
  • Enhanced RDP protocol with support for full keyboard, virtual mouse pointer, screen zoom and drag and drop.
  • Reconnect a session in event of disconnecting from network.
  • Auto launch applications from stored connection profiles.
  • Session Keep Alive setting to prevent Wi-Fi disconnections.
  • RDP Profile options.