09 May

Thinspace VSuite

Designed with simplicity in mind, VSuite enhances Windows® Remote Desktop Services (RDS) providing an on-demand application delivery platform effectively bridging the gap between native RDS and Citrix®. VSuite adds indispensable management capabilities and scales to accommodate growing numbers of users, applications and servers, securely, reliably, and cost-effectively. VSuite is an application delivery solution that enables windows applications and desktops to be managed centrally and delivered to users on demand, and to any device regardless of location.

  • Thinspace VSuite consist of a set of integrated components featuring:
  • Single, web based management console to centrally manage servers, applications and users
  • One-click load balancing of applications
  • Graphical dashboard and notifications offering real-time monitoring and management of your environment
  • VSuite  connection policies for controlling user environment
  • Track, monitor and manage user sessions including functions such as resetting or shadowing a session
  • One-click scalability of VSuite components to servers
  • Role based architecture offering built-in redundancy and fail-over
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