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Today, every healthcare IT leader is expected to do more with less. To enable the best patient service possible, healthcare professionals need seamless, secure, instant access to patient information as they move across facilities, devices, and networks. They rely on IT solutions that help them focus on what matters most — patients and their families. Designing, deploying, and managing virtual application, desktop and mobile IT solutions in the healthcare industry can be a complicated process.

Benefits of Thinspace VSuite solutions in healthcare SkyDesk and SkyDirect transform healthcare IT with simple, compliant solutions that give clinicians and staff real-time access to critical Windows, mobile, web, and SaaS applications. SkyDesk and SkyDirect allow hospitals and health systems to:

  • Improve clinician productivity and patient interaction and care by delivering seamless access to clinical information.
  • Streamline IT operations, support mobile health trends, and simplify protection of PHI and sensitive information.
  • Provide secure application access across devices, locations, and networks with full encryption, authentication, and logging.

Thinspace VSuite Benefits of Centralized Management

SkyDesk and SkyDirect centralize the management and delivery of legacy custom apps, Windows apps such as electronic health record (EHR) and computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems, graphical apps such as picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) imaging, and clinical or office desktops.

Apps and associated data remain in the data center, where they are accessed using granular, policy-based user authentication. Real-time network and performance optimization technologies ensure a high-definition experience regardless of location, device, or network connection. With Thinspace app and desktop virtualization, clinicians get real-time access to complete resources from any device within a hospital, medical center, or healthcare system, or from remote locations. Seamless roaming across sites, devices, and networks ensures optimal convenience and productivity. Administrative and business personnel can securely access their apps and data from remote locations for greater flexibility, mobility, and responsiveness.

IT can simplify operations and secure PHI by centrally managing, patching, and updating desktop images and apps in the data center. To support compliance and ensure patient privacy and data protection, the inherent security of virtualization, including centralization of desktop and application processing behind the firewall, is complemented with essential features. These include standards-based encryption, secure remote access with advanced access control, password expiry management, enhanced event logging, multifactor authentication, and web application firewall. Moving to remote access solutions can help organizations to work more effectively:

  • Health-care-specific software, such as EHR, prescription management, or CPOE systems, frequently require application updates, and centralization of computing resources makes day-today management easier.
  • Enterprise medical imaging and PACS operate with graphical data that require significant investment in the networking infrastructure. HTML5 and RDPfx technologies within SkyDesk/SkyDirect reduce network utilization while providing high-quality images over a secure connection.
  • Many clinics have many locations within one or multiple regions that need IT support. Replacing traditional desktops with thin clients reduces total administration and operating costs while enhancing security.
  • Remote access can help with data centralization, which makes compliance audits easier.
  • Workspace mobility is not just access from a mobile device. With SkyDesk/SkyDirect accompanied by OneGate, medical personnel are not tied to a specific PC; they can access their workspace from any client-based kiosk across the hospital. Additionally, insurance organizations require secure remote access to PHI, and agencies that perform audit of hospital bills, diagnosis-related documentation, and other PHI, also need secure remote access. Healthcare use case needs and considerations
  • Many doctors and ER teams require access to PHI and other information on the go

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