Solutions For Right Sizing Your Application Access Needs

Empower your workforce while simplifying your IT

In today’s business environment businesses need to be more connected than ever, the demands of being mobile and working remotely are know the new standard. In order to remain competitive and with a higher degree of customer touch, businesses of all sizes must increase their ability to deliver applications and solutions from anywhere at anytime.

If you are a small or medium-sized business looking for a way to allow your employees to access data, applications and desktops on the move, Thinspace SkyDesk, OneGate and Access Clients are the perfect solution for you.

Virtualize and centralize management of Windows apps and desktops so that you can reduce IT administration costs, quickly onboard employees or contractors, and ensure uninterrupted productivity for people and your business.

Thinspace VSuite...Your end to end solution for Application and Desktop delivery

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How It Works

VSuite works in a similar way to Citrix except that our centralized delivery platform will save you over 50% compared to Citrix and is simpler to manage. Designed with simplicity in mind, VSuite enhances Windows desktop delivery providing an on-demand platform for cloud computing.


  • Unified Solution – one system from one vendor providing everything you need for state-of-the-art virtual desktops and application delivery.
  • Simplicity – deploy and control everything through TSConsole, improving IT productivity, eliminating troubleshooting visits and downtime.
  • Security – simple, secure desktop access from anywhere without the threat of data leakage and loss/theft.
  • Mobility – users login over the Internet from any device and can access their business desktop and applications remotely.
  • Cloud – VSuite enabled, organizations can efficiently provide Cloud services for delivery of applications and desktops as a service.

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