• Print message update in Spark Gateway.
  • Load balancing automation: Admisntrator no longer needs to implement any manual steps in order to install Load Balancing role. Admin will just click on Load Balancing Role and it will complete automatically and update the job accordingly.

We have added the following new Policies in Lock Down Policies:

Disable changes to Taskbar and Start Menu Settings.

Disable Change Password.

Remove common program groups from Start Menu.

Enforce Removal of Remote Desktop Wallpaper.

Hide Favorites menu.

Remove programs on Setting menu.

Remove access to the shortcut menus for the taskbar.

Prevent addition of printers.

  • User Profile Disk Settings.
  • URL information hid during open application from SkyView.
  • We have created a separate Installer for setup Proxy Server.
  • Proxy Server Status on Dashboard.
  • TSConsole website will be setup as Virtual directory under Default Web Site in IIS.
  • Console server will be automatically added in Servers List during TSConsole installation.
  • We have removed “Web Server Role” and “Connection Broker Role” options from server list.
  • Because these will be added only on Console server and it will automatically be added during installation process.

TSConsole server will not be part of Load Balancing.

RD Gateway role will be installed only on TSConsole server.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

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