Thinspace VSuite

Your end to end solution for Application and Desktop delivery.  Thinspace VSuite provides a complete set of integrated components for an end-to-end solution for management and delivery of your hosted or shared applications and desktop.

How it Works

VSuite works in a similar way to Citrix except that our centralized delivery platform will save you over 50% compared to Citrix and is simpler to manage. Designed with simplicity in mind, VSuite enhances Windows desktop delivery providing an on-demand platform for cloud computing.



  • Unified Solution – one system from one vendor providing everything you need for state-of-the-art virtual desktops and application delivery.
  • Simplicity – deploy and control everything through TSConsole, improving IT productivity, eliminating troubleshooting visits and downtime.
  • Security – simple, secure desktop access from anywhere without the threat of data leakage and loss/theft.
  • Mobility – users login over the Internet from any device and can access their business desktop and applications remotely.
  • Cloud – VSuite enabled, organizations can efficiently provide Cloud services for delivery of applications and desktops as a service.

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